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The workshop will take place on October 2, 2021 with the participation of two speakers who are experienced in the Hospitality industry, Mr Quân Nguyễn – Room Division Manager at iBis Styles Vung Tau and Ms Clara Hoàng Anh – Lecturer VATEL Ho Chi Minh


Who is a "high EQ" Hotelier?

Frontline hospitality employees with a high level of emotional intelligence is essentially someone who is exceptionally good at navigating interpersonal relationships. They tend to be more empathetic, socially aware, and they genuinely enjoy helping other people. All of these traits are ideal for hospitality workers who interact with people day in and day out.

Why we need EQ in hospitality?

Emotional intelligence is particularly important for hospitality and tourism because it plays a dual role. First of all, a high level of emotional intelligence is essential for successful service delivery. Hotel customers - especially those of high-end establishments - have become jaded and are ever more difficult to satisfy. What is needed to cement customer loyalty is service that “surprises and delights” guests through highly personalised touches, or at least does not annoy them in some way. In order to achieve this goal, it is essential that employees are able to anticipate what a customer’s specific needs or wants are before he or she actually verbalises them.

Secondly, a high level of emotional intelligence on the part of managers is essential for building a strong team that is motivated to give its best, whether in the kitchen, the dining room or at reception. In a team where feelings are valued and there is a culture of empathy and understanding, employees are more likely to feel and perform at their best. Not only does this make for a better guest experience, but it should have significant positive impact on employee retention levels and absenteeism.

Join the workshop "The Era of EQ communication in the Hospitality industry"

With the development of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 where the hype over how AI will affect the hospitality industry certainly is not going away anytime soon, as long as the hospitality business revolves around people interacting with other people, emotional intelligence will always be the most prerequisite factor. Realizing that importance, Vatel is pleased to organize a workshop for Vatel students attending the workshop "The Era of EQ communication in  the Hospitality industry", by Mr Quân Nguyễn – Room Division Manager at iBis Styles Vung Tau and Ms Clara Hoàng Anh – Lecturer VATEL Ho Chi Minh, two famous industry experts, is promising to very interesting, and more importantly, useful for your future career.

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