MBA Specializations in International Hotel Management

MBA Specializations in International Hotel Management

In response to the emergence of new professions in the international hotel industry, Vatel has put in place 10 specialization programs, each corresponding to a specific career plan.

It is in the 4th year that the student has a choice of 9 specializations for the 5th year

International Hotel Management
We opened our M5 program several years ago in order to meet expectations in the International Hospitality Industry, a competitive and structured field that includes many large international groups constantly seeking senior executives who are apt to meet their requirements. This program not only prepares students to work as true “Orchestra Conductors” who perfectly understand all the mechanics going into a company in Hospitality, but also teaches them how to manage in a complex, international and global framework.

Luxury Goods Management • Paris (France)
Courses in French
Luxury brand management is becoming more demanding as time goes by, though it remains an extremely buoyant economic sector. This profession is looking for newly graduated students, who are attracted by this demanding universe, where know-how and people-oriented skills are key components to success. The Luxury Goods Management major trains future managers who will be ready to take over complete departments, who will be in charge of pathbreaking services, exclusive products and profitable markets for key clients and the privileged few in this area of the Hospitality Industry. Taking this into account, the M5 year studies current and future trends, and of course does not neglect international management strategies.

Revenue Management • Lyon (France)
Courses in French
Revenue Management has now become a necessity in hotel and tourism management. This new administrative method allows sales to be more correctly monitored and managed. It is a new way of managing pricing. A Revenue Manager works on understanding markets and optimizing revenues.
This specialization allows students to meet customer expectations, to anticipate their behavior and to affect their purchases with the goal of generating increased profits. This technique uses new communication and information systems without however playing down the quality of human relationships as well as fundamental values held by the Hospitality Industry.

Events Management • Nimes (France)
Courses in French
The Events Management major targets students who are extremely motivated by communication and marketing, who are able not only to be creative, but also to do precise and exacting work when managing a team.
When choosing this major, they will be able to schedule, organize, lead and manageall activities linked to special events, however small or large they may be. They will acquire knowledge in management, finance, marketing and human resources in order to analyze and propose a product that is perfectly in line with the event taking place.

Wine & Spirits Business Management • Bordeaux (France)
Courses in English
The Wine Business Management specialization is dedicated to the students willing to work as senior managers in the hospitality and gastronomy businesses where wine is an issue, those who plan to embrace a career in the wine and spirits world and the wine enthusiasts who aspire to improve their knowledge for personal reasons.
It integrates three key modules:
• Wine basics: wine techniques (tasting abilities, wine making), knowledge of wine and spirits (vintages, production, consumption), jobs and career, language of wine …
• Management of wine related activities: wine and spirits sales and marketing managementsupply chain and purchasing
• Strategic, financial and innovation management: strategic and financial analysis, innovation policies and IT systems, entrepreneurship …

Entrepreneurial Management • Marrakesh (Morocco)
Courses in French and in English
The Entrepreneurial Management major trains professionals who understand issues linked to the entrepreneurial spirit in the Tourism and Hospitality field,who make the right decisions to ensure their competitive advantage in the marketplace.
It includes the concept of corporate environment, identification of opportunities to be taken and threats to be avoided. It teaches how to spot strong points in a company that must be consolidated as well as weak points that must be improved, how to detect the right solutions to weather an economic storm or a slump in activity. It teaches students how to manage a team that will get the required work done within a given deadline, how to create, launch or take over an activity in the Hospitality Industry.

American Hospitality Management and International Business • Los Angeles (USA)
Courses in English
The American Hospitality Management and International Business major teaches students the Anglo-Saxon management methods that are driven by results and understanding of new technologies. It gives them the tools that are required for a career as an international leader in the Hospitality industry anywhere in the world. This program was designed in a way that allows students to think out-of-the-box and become decision-makers: leadership and entrepreneurship, business management, strategic marketing, new trends in the Hospitality industry, etc.

Resort Management • Mauritius
Courses in French and in English
The Resort Management major trains senior executives in the international hospitality industry to work in companies that include, outside of traditional hotels and restaurants: spas, golf courses, leisure activities, theme parks, etc.
Managing a resort means understanding and controlling a highly complex organization whose constraints are often heightened by its location (in a desert, a savanna, on an island, in the heart of a big city, etc.). This major teaches students to understand operational, financial and strategic logic pertaining to each type of entity. They will be required to work in a “handson” way for marketing or human resource missions with professional partners.

Human Resources Management and Training • Martigny (Switzerland)
Courses in English
The Human Resources Management and Training major teaches students to establish strategies in human resources thanks to an innovative and unique programme in Switzerland, prepared by consultants highly specialized in their field of expertise including the former VP HR EMEA of Hyatt International. Students gain state-of-the art knowledge in hiring situations and the development of programs allowing to retain talent and optimize internal organization, as well as reduce a very expensive turnover of staff. The program includes academic periods, projects and simulations, but also immersions in real-life situations in two cities of Switzerland.

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