Undergraduate studies

Bachelor Vatel
International Hotel Management

Manager en Hôtellerie internationale

  • French State Level II certified degree  
  • Total number of credits: 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)


The Bachelor Vatel in Hotel Management programme's objective is to train students for operational and administrative management positions. The programme combines cuttingedge management science with traditional know-how in international hotel and restaurant management. Students are expected to participate actively in every phase of this highly internationalized and multicultural academic program, and course work is reinforced through immediate application of knowledge in practical settings.

Degrees offered :

Bachelor Vatel - International Hotel Management
Manager en Hôtellerie internationale
State level II degree registered in the National Repertory of Professional Certifications by the April 5, 2012 by-law set forth by the French Minister of Labor, Employment and Health and published in the French Republic Official Journal on April 14, 2012. Read more


Course outlines:

The faculty strives to attain outrivaled teaching standards by pushing back the boundaries in their respective disciplines and course work complements practical training, cultural and technical seminars. Consisting of a fixed curriculum of required courses, students alternate course work with practical situations in which they have the opportunity to apply and test what they have learnt while attending the Bachelor in International Hotel Management programme.

Year 1
Students are introduced to marketing, human resources, administration and professional culture, and become seasoned to catering, culinary production techniques, banquet constraints, unexpected events in receptions or seminars, and conclude their School year by an internship in the country where they are studying.

Year 2
While continuing to enhance theoretical knowledge, students gradually gain managerial experience: in real situations, they will manage 1st year students, while being managed themselves by 3rd year students. Students gain self confidence and do an internship preferably in a foreign country.

Year 3
Students have all basic knowledge required. Students then are ready to begin team management, right in School. They develop their analytical capacities, using the wealth of knowledge they now have, devise strategies and the take their first steps in making decisions. These experiences, in the framework of upcoming practical applications, allow them to begin Management Training in a company without any stress.

Commencement Ceremony 2017

01/03/2017 Commencement Ceremony 2017

You finally arrive gloriously. Proudly to pronounce you are Vatelian!

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